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Dr. Terrible

"I'm watching you.."

Shot's Realm has an expanding playerbase, and here you can view a glimpse at the data that this server possesses.
You can view the player leaderboards based upon account fame, stars, ranking, and character fame.
You can also view a ranking of the characters that possess the most fame.

Happy stalking...

Recent Deaths

Name When Base Total Equipment Killed by
Necromancer FrenchBot 1 hour ago 768 1054 Ivory Wyvern
Knight Zorcker 2 hours ago 318 482 Lightweight Leather Armor Argus
Knight Shatter 3 hours ago 2276 5641 Shalaylee Captain America Armor Ring of Ashen Matrimony Cathedral Guard
Trickster Atlas 4 hours ago 381 723 Bent Dagger Heart Dragon Crawling Spider Hatchling
Assassin Shatter 7 hours ago 1023 2443 Ent God