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Shoots projectile(s).


radius (double, default 0): distance from a player at which the behavior will be activated (fixedAngle is set and ignoreRadius is true, doesn't affect anything)

count (int, default 1): number of projectiles in each shot

shootAngle (double?, default null): the spacing between each projectile (if unset, will make them equally spread)

index (int, default 0): which projectile will be shot

fixedAngle (double?, default null): the angle at which it will shoot at (if unset, will aim at targeted player)

rotateAngle (double?, default null): after each shot, it aims x degrees more (if unset, will not rotate)

angleOffset (double, default 0): offset at which it'll shoot

predictive (double, default 0): the amount to which the host attempts to predict where the player is going and shoot at its destination

coolDown (CoolDown)

coolDownOffset (int, default 0): specifying the time after this behavior becomes active for the first time

shootAngleVariance (int, default 0): random variance in shootangle

shootLowHp (bool, default false): targets player with lowest health

random (bool, default false): randomly sets angle

ignoreRadius (bool, default true): shoots even if players aren't in radius (only works with fixedAngle)

useFacing (bool, default false): shoots in angle host is moving

rotateReverse (bool, default false): if rotating, and reaches max angle, it'll just reverse the rotation


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