The primary form of loot is equipment, items that can go into either your weapon, ability, armor, or ring slot. The most basic form of these are tiered drops. Tiered items have a number assigned to them that indicates how strong they are, relative to the other tiered items within their class. A T6 weapon is stronger than a T5 weapon, a T9 armor is stronger than a T8 armor, and so on.

Weapons range to t14, abilities range to t6, armors range to t15, and rings range to t6.

There are other types of equipment as well. Untiered drops are special items that break from the standard tier progression. They typically only drop from a single monster, such as a dungeon boss. Rather than being a direct tier upgrade, UT items usually fulfill a more specialized purpose. Certain UTs are weak, but others are among the most highly desired items in the game. Unholy items are generally powerful items and to be considered end game items.

Reskinned equipment is a type of item that is functionally identical to a different tiered or untiered item, but with aesthetic differences. These are often released for limited periods during seasonal events.

The last form of equipment are ST items, standing for either Set Tier or Special Themed items. ST items are a set of four items designed to be used together. When used in conjunction on the appropriate class, they will change the player’s skin into a 8x8 or 16x16 sprite and grant additional stat bonuses, enhancing the set as a whole.