Dagger of Invisible Pain

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Dagger of Invisible Pain

At least, we think it's a dagger. Its hard to see.

Shots 1
Damage 180-245
Range 4.8
Rate 100%
OnEquip +4 Defense


Currently, this dagger provides the most dps out of all dagger-class weapons, with the slight disadvantage of having your shots be nearly invisible. Additionally, the dagger gives +4 Defense, increasing the user's chance of survival. While invisible shots is at most times a nonexistent negative side, the Dagger of Invisible Pain is not recommended in some situations. Two examples include during the fights with the bosses in the Tomb of the Ancients or when fighting alongside many others due to the uncertainty that the shots you're firing are actually hitting the correct targets or not.

Even so, this dagger is highly sought-after due to its sheer strength and it really shines when hunting gods, defeating bosses on your own, or in one of the three Arenas in Nilly's Realm.

This item is part of a set: Leto, the Hidden One